Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eggs | Milk | Bread

The weather forecast is predicting some wintry weather tonight. I refused to go to the grocery store. I know the lines were wrapped around the store. Just the hint of winter weather and Memphis shuts down!

Eggs, Milk, Bread. The staples that folks hurry to the store to get. Buy why? Are they making omelets and toast? It only furthers my curiosity of what people are buying when bad weather comes. Personally, if I do join the crowd for some last minute items, it is usually for junk food or ingredients for chili. Sometimes I peep into the shopping carts of others and see them brimming over with stuff. I never stare long enough but I often make out the details to see bags of chips, beer, cold cuts, loafs of bread, cookies, liters of soda pop, water and paper goods.

I missed the chance today to eye hustle shopping cart contents but I'm sure things are just about the same.

I refuse to spend another night of broken rest peeping out the window checking for precipitation. I am usually disappointed and dog tired the next morning when nothing has fallen and there is school in session.

Just to be on the safe side, I will get my clothes ready tonight.

Until then. . .

Today Was A Good Day!

I did not have any caffeine today! Yay! I only drank water and lemonade.


Nothing pisses me off more than spending money on food and it is horrible. I specifically chose this restaurant because of the lemonade and the sandwiches and fries are usually hot and good. I ordered their most famous combo, chicken sandwich, waffle fries and a lemonade. I live about 10 minutes from the place.

I get home to eat. The fries are not just cool but ice cold! No shit. There is no way a batch of fries could have gotten that cold unless they'd been sitting out all day. The sandwich was no better. See the attached photo. The chicken patty was hard and crusty around the edges. The bun was also hard around the edges. I should have known to keep driving because there were no cars in the drive thru. I've gotta start following my hunches. Anyway, I was the only car in the line. Service was fast and prompt. But the food ended up being disgusting. I would have called the manager but I must not have been given a receipt. I don't even feel like looking their number to complain. I'll just document my experience here. My advice to the service industry: In this economy, when people choose your business to consume your products, the least you could do is provide their money's worth. What is the point of service food that is not going to make me return? Didn't take an MBA to make that analysis. Wanna know what happened to the food?

Monday, January 26, 2009

I Fell Off The Wagon!

I bought a combo meal at my favorite BBQ joint and forgot I'd have to make a decision about the drink that came with it! I tried to do right by selecting the Fanta Strawberry. It just seemed caffeine-free but I didn't know for sure. When I pressed the spigot, only a faint red color came out and the rest looked like carbonated water. *sigh* I looked across the selections and nothing seemed appealing. I did not want a lemonade to wash down a pulled pork sandwich. Glaring back at me was the Coca-Cola! I broke down. I filled the Styrofoam cup with the forbidden elixir.

It seemed like a setup from the beginning. I went into the post office which is right next to the BBQ place. Every time I smell that delicious wood they must use to smoke and flavor the meat with, I am almost intoxicated! It smells like some parts of Florida. The palm trees and ocean. I can't be alone in this. Anyhoo, on the occasions that I am lured into the BBQ place, it is always after I've left the post office. I walk back over to A&R because I would have to make a left turn against traffic and another left to get into A&R. You know how I feel about left turns during rush hour or anytime for that matter but I digress. Well wouldn't you know it: there is a convenient little path that leads from the post office to A&R BBQ . It must have been bore there by the postal workers traipsing back and forth to get their fill. A&R must have released triple strength aroma today because there were so many people in line for food! I have never had more than 1 or 2 people ahead of me. Apparently it was tactic because 2 ladies behind me commented how busy the place was today. Their tactic had worked. And I fell off the wagon! If it makes you feel any better, the french fries were not crispy and there was no ketchup in the bag! *rolling eyes*

But I had resisted the temptation all day. My head was hurting. I was having cravings. I have not had a Coke in a few days. I took some time off from work last week and I have not been tempted for a Coke. I was content with my caffeine-free Cherry 7-Up. But I went back to work today. And there is a big bad Coke machine in each of the faculty lounges. I went to wash my hands for lunch and there it was. The Coke machine. I walked past it with a haughty sneer. Why did someone enter the lounge and make a purchase while I was in the restroom washing my hands? It was before lunch and I know the cafeteria lady comes out and buys a Coke everyday before the serving begins. I heard that familiar drop of the coins and then the roll-bounce-drop of the cold beverage arrive at its destination and on to the thirsty buyer. I almost had to run out of the lounge. I am such an addict! I will keep trying. I did not expect to go cold turkey. I anticipated a slip up. Again, it is not carbonated beverages, it's caffeine I'm trying to avoid.

I am going to take a pix of the Coke machine and post it! It is going to be hard. I refuse to use student bathrooms just to avoid confrontation with the Coke machine!

Back to the drawing board.

National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

January 26, 2009
National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!
I had no idea such a day existed until my husband called and told me! I love bubble wrap. What joy I get from popping bubble wrap! It's therapy. For Christmas, I received a piece of furniture that was wrapped in a caramel colored bubble wrap!The sections were as large and wide as some fabric
bolts. . . You know I saved it! I just knew that I could maybe make a bubble wrap dress or skirt. I have not made it yet but with today being National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, I will now go bond with my bubble wrap!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

100 Day Challenge

Seems like every other person I know is on a "100 Day Challenge". I don't make New Year's Resolutions so this seemed like a movement I could join. I am not following a strict diet or regimen. Just a few steps towards healthier eating, living and being. The first thing that came to mind was perhaps my biggest challenger: caffeine. I probably drink more Coca-Colas and Dr. Peppers than the average bear: Lunch, dinner, snack and I have been know to guzzle one down at breakfast. My justification has always been: it's my coffee.

So I'm cutting down on the caffeine and the sodas. I have one more Cherry 7-Up in the fridge. It's caffeine free so I am not going to trip. Sometimes I need a little something strong to wash down certain foods. I may have an occasional carbonated beverage but it should be caffeine free.

I have been low on energy lately but I have not been cooking either. It's been my patented "hollerin' in a horn" i.e. drive thru window dining. Not very nutritious or healthy so I plan to cook more.

My natural hair has been in great shape but I have been lazy with the styling. So I plan to try to styles and make sure to keep it moisturized. I am a self professed Product Junkie but I will try to minimize purchases and try to stick to the healthy products like Ayurveda products and methods. I'm trying to use up the products that I already have. And that's a lot!

In terms of my creativity, I have been slacking. Maybe it's the winter blahs but I was hoping for more finished projects instead of the UFOs (Un-Finished Objects) crowding my workspace. I am challenging myself to be creative on a daily basis, be it big or small.

I cannot tell you the last time I finished reading a book! That is shameful. Reading is so enjoyable for me. I cannot believe I have let the pressures of the job and life interrupt that. I'm taking it back. I went to my book shelf and grabbed Terry McMillan's "The Interrupting of Everything" and Eric Jerome Dickey's "Sleeping With Strangers".

This is not going to be hard. Just an adjustment to my current lifestyle.

I will try to blog daily but this may or may not happen. No pressure. I can always give you a catch up.

I actually started my 100 Day Challenge, Saturday, January 24. Amazingly, the 100 days will commence on May 5th! How appropriate. I can celebrate my achievements on Cinco de Mayo!

When I went grocery shopping yesterday, I had a list. I was planning to make some Red Beans & Rice. I had seen the Neelys prepare this on their Food Network show Saturday morning. It looked so delicious and easy to indoctrinate myself back into the kitchen. While in the store, I was sooo tempted to put a pack of Cokes in my basket. Red Beans & Rice is one of those foods that I need to wash down with something carbonated. Maybe I should have gotten some beer! I resisted and picked up the Ozarka water instead. I also indulged in a bottle of Naked Superfood juice. I picked The Green Machine. A friend at work let me taste some. I was very skeptical. It looked like algae. But the taste is delicious. I look forward to sampling other flavors soon.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day, Baby!!!

I spent this day at work on pins and needles! Not from the Inauguration but the audit that was underway. I could not really relax and enjoy the moment. I DID wear my Barack Obama t-shirt underneath my suit! You can't tell me what to wear on this day! I got terrified to find out that our auditor was a YBF: young, Black, Female! Lord give me strength! I heard that she was also petite. She was probably going to be a hard ass. It takes one petite hard ass to recognize the fiestiness of a peer! As expected, teachers were ringing my desk phone off the hook because something had gone wrong over the weekend with their televisions. Mine was working just fine, but I took the time to check on each of them. They had no idea of the stress I was under. All they wanted was their TVs connected or audio on their computers. I had already completed each room Thursday and Friday, losing precious time to double check their shoddy inventory sheets. I spent part of my MLK holiday finding mistakes they had committed. A less than favorable co-worker asked if he could watch the Inauguration with me. I was short and told him yes, but don't talk to me! I did not want my memories of this day looking at someone I did not like. I was under pressure while they were all in chill mode!

Didn't Former President Jimmy Carter and Former First Lady Rosalyn look great?!
Aretha's rendition of "My Country Tis Of Thee" made me proud to be an American!
Why was Former President George Bush, Sr. walking like a penguin? Why did Former First Lady Barbara Bush leave him behind to be escorted by the Clintons? Just some LOL moments that I observed.

When Obama was taking the oath, I was surrounded by two members of our custodial crew, a Republican red head, and 2 other chicks! I could not video myself expressing my exact sentiments! Shit! One person even had the nerve to be hacking! I thought I was gonna scream: get a losenge! I did manage to take a few photos and a little video to be posted on my youtube later. Suprisingly, I did not cry this time. I did feel very proud and happy to be alive. Aretha really did a beautiful rendition of, "My Country Tis Of Thee"! I thought about my family and friends who were not with me. I did talk to my husband on the phone for a while. I thought about my Grandfather and Aunt and many other relatives who did not live to see this day. I wore my "Carrie" necklace in memory of my Aunt Carrie who died in 2002. My grandfather is in the mirror and in my heart everyday. My great uncle Durham, 76, who was stabbed to death on my mother's birthday in 1992, was with me. Ancestral spirit was alive today. When I was leaving home, it was snowing in Memphis! For some it was a cold day in hell and for others, it was a symbol of a new beginning. It was another historic day during the Democratic Primaries that the worst tornado hit Memphis.

Miraculously, I did NOT have to meet with the auditor! I guess she had seen through other documents that I was on top of my game and managed the inventory by tagging "portable and potentially leggy" items (camcorders) as soon as they arrived in the building. Whew! In the past, I've had to show the auditor randomly selected cameras, VCRs, overheads and tape recorders! I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief but the day was OVER! Let me exhale, pour me some Barefoot White Zinfindel and enjoy the remaining festivities of the night!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. King!

History is unfolding before my very eyes. Today I celebrate Dr. King's 80th Birthday (January 15th 1929 officially) and tomorrow, I will watch the Inauguration of Barack Obama, the United States' first African American President!

Now, I could not get all excited and take off work and go to DC. First of all, I have an audit at work tomorrow! I am still trying to figure out what sourpuss picked this date to audit my school. I can only imagine the auditor will be a nitpicky ass who is either upset that he/she has a Black President or pissed that he/she has to perform a tedious audit on Inauguration Day. Either way, it could be bad. I am not going to stress out about it. I could not get the teachers to turn in the inventory reports on time so that I could reconcile the equipment.

Just as things were going from bad to worse, the 82 computers ordered were delivered. Wouldn't you know it that they did not connect them up correctly and I had to go behind them to make sure all 50+ classrooms tvs and VCRS were connected right so they can watch the Inauguration. My wrist is in pain from all of that screwing and unscrewing of cables. I can't even get to the doctor until after the audit! It hurts to twist it in any direction. I've tried to use my hermatite bracelet and it brought some relief but it is still hurting.

I bought these from a fellow Etsy Artist of Color at
I do have to spend a few more holiday minutes getting ready for the audit. I have done all I can do to make it match up. People just do what they want: move equipment around, not report camcorders they have, and bitch about having to have items tagged when they wrote a grant to get it. I don't care. I am only doing what has been charged to me. I am not going to stress. Whatever happens is cool with me. I've done my part.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Barack Obama Makes It Harder For Men To Keep Up

Women all over the planet are loving Barack Obama's relationship with his wife, Michelle. He is a good father, a loving husband who tells his wife she has lipstick on her teeth, they talk walks together and seem to be in love. Women are secretly wishing their mates were more like Barack. His latest gesture cannot be topped! Michelle's 45th birthday was January 17, 2009. Who but President-Elect Barack Obama can make you the Nation's First Lady just 3 days after your 45th birthday?! Sorry men!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Car Smell

After exactly one week, I finally bought the Nitro. I was not going to buy it. But my husband was insistent that I get a reliable car. The car dealer had called but I ignored their calls until January 2. I was determined to enjoy my vacation and I did.

I am now the proud owner of a Dodge Nitro. It is Inferno Red but everything else is perfect. I did my research and this was the most car for the money. Other models were lacking features like the must have sunroof, remote start and hands free phone.

My advice on buying a new car:

1. Have Pre-Approved Loan in hand.

2. Do not take delivery at night. Take your car home and clean it out there. I think I left my iPod in my Charger but no one has seen it. I hope it's lost in the house someplace but I cannot remember. Oh well . . . can't do nothing about that now.

3. Keep a flatten box in your vehicle in case you do take delivery on the spot. You don't want a junky new car!

4. Negotiate the cost of the car before you mention a trade in.

5. Do not trade your car if you owe money. The dealer usually just adds the "upside down" amount into your new loan, resulting in a big new sticker shock.

6. Don't let them pressure you into a sale.

7. Don't believe that the car salesman is only making $100 on the deal.

8. Don't be afraid to walk away and keep shopping.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year to All!!!

Took myself on a mini vacation to get away from it all and to reflect over the past year. Was going to rush home and spend the New Year there. Decided to stay at my Grandmother's and spend the NYE with family. My husband drove down and we all brought the year in celebrating. I must be getting old because I was sleep by 12:30! I guess we could attribute it to all of the adult beverages we had too! Let's see: there was Champagne, Crown & Coke, Moscato d'Asti and my uncles homemade, muscadine wine! Yikes! I did not indulge in all of the drinks but I had my share! My aunt whipped up a last minute feast of Swedish meatballs, Key Lime chicken wings, fried chicken, potato salad, cheese & crackers and a variety of chip and dip! I was definitely full on all instances!

Nappylicious T-shirt

The Oprah Effect