Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eggs | Milk | Bread

The weather forecast is predicting some wintry weather tonight. I refused to go to the grocery store. I know the lines were wrapped around the store. Just the hint of winter weather and Memphis shuts down!

Eggs, Milk, Bread. The staples that folks hurry to the store to get. Buy why? Are they making omelets and toast? It only furthers my curiosity of what people are buying when bad weather comes. Personally, if I do join the crowd for some last minute items, it is usually for junk food or ingredients for chili. Sometimes I peep into the shopping carts of others and see them brimming over with stuff. I never stare long enough but I often make out the details to see bags of chips, beer, cold cuts, loafs of bread, cookies, liters of soda pop, water and paper goods.

I missed the chance today to eye hustle shopping cart contents but I'm sure things are just about the same.

I refuse to spend another night of broken rest peeping out the window checking for precipitation. I am usually disappointed and dog tired the next morning when nothing has fallen and there is school in session.

Just to be on the safe side, I will get my clothes ready tonight.

Until then. . .

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