Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What About Me?

With all that has been going the last few days, life kinda gets put into perspective. Life is for the living. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and even Billy Mays left a legacy: a body of work. I need to get busy! Stay tuned for my endeavors.

But also, I plan to really get out and see some shows and events. Even before MJ's death, I had already purchased Jamie Foxx tickets.

Now, I am really excited to see him perform live again. I now want to jet down to New Orleans and see Maxwell at the Essence Festival. Mind you, I haven't a ticket nor a room to stay in but who knows. I may gas up the buggy and get down to the Big Easy.

BET Awards Show 2009

I may be one of the few people who actually enjoyed the BET Awards show. I have to be honest: Had it not been for MJ's passing, watching would have not been a priority. I didn't know who Keri Hilson was and Soulja Boy music is much too young for my taste. I love lyrics and "sanging"! Like the Mighty O'Jays! Yeah! I got the chance to see them and some of my favorite artists from then and now! Although Marlon Wayans let it slip on the Red Carpet, I still enjoyed seeing New Edition as the opening act. And my man Jamie Foxx did a hell of a good job. And no, he does not owe anyone an apology for saying that MJ was a Black man that we loaned to the world. My highlights were Guy, Keith Sweat, Tevin Campbell Janet Jackson & Maxwell. And that tribute Tyrese, Johnnie Gill and Trey Songz did for the O'Jays made me very happy that I had tuned in. I thought I had gone to join MJ! I loved it! Can you believe that my cousin Anthony called in the middle of Beyoncé's rendition of Ave Maria?! That joker had better be glad that I have DVR or he would have been sh!t outta luck! Do you know what he wanted? He needed to know how to copy and paste! How to freakin' copy and paste!?? Ugggh! I managed to help him without using all the choice words in my vocabulary. I did let him know that the customer service hours were closing for the night and not to call back!

Anyhoo, I absolutely loved seeing Miss Jackson! That is strength! I instantly prayed for strength and unity for their family. I want the media to back off and let them deal with the difficult tasks ahead of them.

The BET Awards 2009 spoke volumes about the love people have for Michael Jackson when soooo many celebrities came out of the woodworks to participate in the BET Awards Show in a matter of days. I am certain the format changed because of it and they were better for it. Perhaps the unhappy viewers were the younger generation who wanted to see a bunch of entourages on the stage all night and a bunch of thug love in action. For me, not so much!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays Too

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and now pitchman Billy Mays all died this week. I can still hear Billy Mays screaming in my ear about OxiClean and Kaboom when I have fallen asleep with the TV on at night. What a week.

But as I think about the number: 50. Bernie Mac, Michael Jackson and now Billy Mays, they all died at 50. I was just telling a cousin about those "round" number death expirations. To me, folks who expire on the "9", 29 or 39, or 49 etc. are still trying to accomplish something. But when they expire on the round number, there is a sense of completeness. Just a personal thought.

I had never bought any OxiClean or Kaboom until last week! I am doing some cleaning and was in Lowe's shopping. I guess it just shows the power of advertising over my selection. I purposely chose Kaboom because I could see and hear Billy Mays' excited pitch.

I bought some Kaboom Tub and Tile Cleaner that worked great. I also bought a Kaboom Scrub-free toilet cleaning system that I have yet to install and some Kaboom Foaming Bowlblaster that smells great but does not clean without user scrubbing action.

RIP Billy Mays!

Dancing My Wig Off!

I have been glued to TVOne programming since Michael Jackson's death. They have been airing his videos, his 30th Anniversary Special and The Jacksons: An American Dream all weekend. I have blogged, twittered and did all I could to process my feelings. I visited's site and left my feelings there too. I wrote that I had "danced my wig off to all the Michael Jackson music that has been played." Well lo and behold, I managed to change the channel from TVOne since they were re-broadcasting The Jacksons: An American Dream over to CNN. They were presenting "Michael Jackson: The Man In The Mirror." I watched that and then Larry King Live with guests like Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, MJ's friend Miko Brando, Liza Minelli, Usher and Deepak Chopra. Usher said it best when he kept it classy by wanting to remember MJ as the legend and not the rehash negative press. A mother has lost her son. Let her grieve. Go on Usher! Well, I still had not had enough Michael Jackson and continued to watch CNN coverage with Don Lemon. Cori Murray, a writer from Essence magazine, was talking about Michael. When she referred to a comment left by a reader that "she had danced her wig off listening to Michael's music that was being played" sent me into orbit! I felt that my true feelings for Michael had been expressed and someone else felt them. I felt soooo much better. If I can find the post, I will link it but there are so many fan entries on Essence now, I don't know where I posted!

ETA: Finally found it! I am on page 5. The Yolanda comment is mine.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Can't Believe It!

I cannot believe that MJ has died. I have loved Michael Jackson forever. He has always been one of my favorite performers and artists. He and Prince Rogers Nelson have always been my top 2 favorites.

I heard about Farrah Fawcett as I drove home from work and was saddened. I will always remember that Farrah hair that all women had to have! I remember my aunt having that same layered do!

When I arrived home, I took a nap. I had no idea that Michael had died. My husband told me later. I watched the ABC special report and realized how difficult the price of fame can be. We all know his story but I cannot imagine being unable to move around freely without people and paparazzi stalking me 24/7. I never thought about him having to elude the mobs of fans by entering hotels through kitchens instead of the lobby. We've all seen "The Jacksons: An American Dream". It was on just last weekend and every weekend. LOL.

My wish is for both Michael and Farrah to finally rest in peace.

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