Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy Mays Too

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and now pitchman Billy Mays all died this week. I can still hear Billy Mays screaming in my ear about OxiClean and Kaboom when I have fallen asleep with the TV on at night. What a week.

But as I think about the number: 50. Bernie Mac, Michael Jackson and now Billy Mays, they all died at 50. I was just telling a cousin about those "round" number death expirations. To me, folks who expire on the "9", 29 or 39, or 49 etc. are still trying to accomplish something. But when they expire on the round number, there is a sense of completeness. Just a personal thought.

I had never bought any OxiClean or Kaboom until last week! I am doing some cleaning and was in Lowe's shopping. I guess it just shows the power of advertising over my selection. I purposely chose Kaboom because I could see and hear Billy Mays' excited pitch.

I bought some Kaboom Tub and Tile Cleaner that worked great. I also bought a Kaboom Scrub-free toilet cleaning system that I have yet to install and some Kaboom Foaming Bowlblaster that smells great but does not clean without user scrubbing action.

RIP Billy Mays!

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