Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last week my dad came up to the 2oth Annual Southern Heritage Classic. Instead of coming to my house, he wanted to meet for brunch at the casino. I have been doing all that I can to avoid unnecessary public places as I try to dodge the Swine Flu/H1N1. The casino is H1N1 waiting to happen.

I agreed to meet him but I really wanted to stay home and work on some creative projects I've been putting on the back burner.

When I arrived at the Horseshoe Casino, I went into the ladies room. I heard voices in the stalls but I hear ladies yapping all the time in the restroom as we use the facilities. No big deal. I came out and as I was washing my hands, my eyes caught of glimpse in the mirror of the stall behind me. There were 2 sets of feet in the stall. A pair of flat nondescript shoes and a pair of Cinderella type glass slippers. Hmmm. . . we women will comfort a friend even if she runs into a stall, so no biggie. But to be honest, at this point, I was curious as heck. I waited and washed my hands through 2 choruses of "Happy Birthday". The stall door opened. Out walks this trashy looking woman with a glass of wine in her hand and another person who was either a hard looking woman or a very very ugly man with a wig on! They went to the sink to wash their hands. Oh my! To kill my theory of a friend comforting a friend in a stall, the trashy woman reached over and smacked the other person on the butt! Well alrighty then. At least they washed their hands.

Brunch was terrible. The food was not good and there was a live bird flying around the buffet. After I saw that, I refused to eat another thing.

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