Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dr. King!

History is unfolding before my very eyes. Today I celebrate Dr. King's 80th Birthday (January 15th 1929 officially) and tomorrow, I will watch the Inauguration of Barack Obama, the United States' first African American President!

Now, I could not get all excited and take off work and go to DC. First of all, I have an audit at work tomorrow! I am still trying to figure out what sourpuss picked this date to audit my school. I can only imagine the auditor will be a nitpicky ass who is either upset that he/she has a Black President or pissed that he/she has to perform a tedious audit on Inauguration Day. Either way, it could be bad. I am not going to stress out about it. I could not get the teachers to turn in the inventory reports on time so that I could reconcile the equipment.

Just as things were going from bad to worse, the 82 computers ordered were delivered. Wouldn't you know it that they did not connect them up correctly and I had to go behind them to make sure all 50+ classrooms tvs and VCRS were connected right so they can watch the Inauguration. My wrist is in pain from all of that screwing and unscrewing of cables. I can't even get to the doctor until after the audit! It hurts to twist it in any direction. I've tried to use my hermatite bracelet and it brought some relief but it is still hurting.

I bought these from a fellow Etsy Artist of Color at
I do have to spend a few more holiday minutes getting ready for the audit. I have done all I can do to make it match up. People just do what they want: move equipment around, not report camcorders they have, and bitch about having to have items tagged when they wrote a grant to get it. I don't care. I am only doing what has been charged to me. I am not going to stress. Whatever happens is cool with me. I've done my part.

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