Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day, Baby!!!

I spent this day at work on pins and needles! Not from the Inauguration but the audit that was underway. I could not really relax and enjoy the moment. I DID wear my Barack Obama t-shirt underneath my suit! You can't tell me what to wear on this day! I got terrified to find out that our auditor was a YBF: young, Black, Female! Lord give me strength! I heard that she was also petite. She was probably going to be a hard ass. It takes one petite hard ass to recognize the fiestiness of a peer! As expected, teachers were ringing my desk phone off the hook because something had gone wrong over the weekend with their televisions. Mine was working just fine, but I took the time to check on each of them. They had no idea of the stress I was under. All they wanted was their TVs connected or audio on their computers. I had already completed each room Thursday and Friday, losing precious time to double check their shoddy inventory sheets. I spent part of my MLK holiday finding mistakes they had committed. A less than favorable co-worker asked if he could watch the Inauguration with me. I was short and told him yes, but don't talk to me! I did not want my memories of this day looking at someone I did not like. I was under pressure while they were all in chill mode!

Didn't Former President Jimmy Carter and Former First Lady Rosalyn look great?!
Aretha's rendition of "My Country Tis Of Thee" made me proud to be an American!
Why was Former President George Bush, Sr. walking like a penguin? Why did Former First Lady Barbara Bush leave him behind to be escorted by the Clintons? Just some LOL moments that I observed.

When Obama was taking the oath, I was surrounded by two members of our custodial crew, a Republican red head, and 2 other chicks! I could not video myself expressing my exact sentiments! Shit! One person even had the nerve to be hacking! I thought I was gonna scream: get a losenge! I did manage to take a few photos and a little video to be posted on my youtube later. Suprisingly, I did not cry this time. I did feel very proud and happy to be alive. Aretha really did a beautiful rendition of, "My Country Tis Of Thee"! I thought about my family and friends who were not with me. I did talk to my husband on the phone for a while. I thought about my Grandfather and Aunt and many other relatives who did not live to see this day. I wore my "Carrie" necklace in memory of my Aunt Carrie who died in 2002. My grandfather is in the mirror and in my heart everyday. My great uncle Durham, 76, who was stabbed to death on my mother's birthday in 1992, was with me. Ancestral spirit was alive today. When I was leaving home, it was snowing in Memphis! For some it was a cold day in hell and for others, it was a symbol of a new beginning. It was another historic day during the Democratic Primaries that the worst tornado hit Memphis.

Miraculously, I did NOT have to meet with the auditor! I guess she had seen through other documents that I was on top of my game and managed the inventory by tagging "portable and potentially leggy" items (camcorders) as soon as they arrived in the building. Whew! In the past, I've had to show the auditor randomly selected cameras, VCRs, overheads and tape recorders! I was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief but the day was OVER! Let me exhale, pour me some Barefoot White Zinfindel and enjoy the remaining festivities of the night!

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