Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Nothing pisses me off more than spending money on food and it is horrible. I specifically chose this restaurant because of the lemonade and the sandwiches and fries are usually hot and good. I ordered their most famous combo, chicken sandwich, waffle fries and a lemonade. I live about 10 minutes from the place.

I get home to eat. The fries are not just cool but ice cold! No shit. There is no way a batch of fries could have gotten that cold unless they'd been sitting out all day. The sandwich was no better. See the attached photo. The chicken patty was hard and crusty around the edges. The bun was also hard around the edges. I should have known to keep driving because there were no cars in the drive thru. I've gotta start following my hunches. Anyway, I was the only car in the line. Service was fast and prompt. But the food ended up being disgusting. I would have called the manager but I must not have been given a receipt. I don't even feel like looking their number to complain. I'll just document my experience here. My advice to the service industry: In this economy, when people choose your business to consume your products, the least you could do is provide their money's worth. What is the point of service food that is not going to make me return? Didn't take an MBA to make that analysis. Wanna know what happened to the food?

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