Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nearer My God To Thee! was the booking site of our most recent vacation destination: Las Vegas. We elected to leave on a flight the would allow us to finish out the family reunion activities. While I wanted to leave Sunday night, we selected a 7:00 PM Monday evening flight. We arrived in Las Vegas at 8:00 PM Pacific time. The flight was horrible! We flew through thunderstorm clouds and the turbulence was scary to say the least! The beverage service did not begin until late due to the bumpiness of the flight. Beverage and choice of spiced cookies or peanuts. Peanuts? Peanuts?! Hell, I don't eat peanuts in a car and I darn sure never eat peanuts on a plane. Superstious reasons. I'll blog about it in a later post. I always buy my husband the delicious Biscoff cookies online but I wanted a shot of something, anything alcoholic! I settled for a ginger ale. Can you believe we were given whole cans of soda on the new Delta/Northwest plane? I guess they figured that if this would be "it", let them at least have a whole can of soda! The pilot kept coming over the PA apologizing for the ride and that there was nothing he could do about it. As we flew over New Mexico, he announced there were storms behind us and ahead of us, the Phoenix airport was shutdown due to the storms. Oh $hit! The plane was quiet and cold. I check the weather before traveling. Didn't pilots do the same thing? If we landed safely on the ground, I vowed to walk back the 1430 miles back to Memphis!

The captain did a good job getting us to Las Vegas safely. I have never flown in bad weather and from talking to other people, it could have been worse. When I am up so high, it makes me think about my Creator and how far man has advanced to have a huge airbus slicing through the sky. Simply amazing.

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