Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mr. Jamie Foxx!!!

How bold were we to miss the get acquainted night of the family reunion to see Jamie Foxx?! My husband's family blew his phone up all during the concert: Blame it on the alcohol!

Jamie Foxx is the man! I rarely sat down during the concert at the FedEx Forum! Do you know how badly I needed to get out and have some fun?! Mr. Foxx was awesome! There was even a guest appearance by Dave Hollister who blew some vocals!

The opening act, comedian Speedy was funny. He put the audience on blast for their choices of wardrobes! Thank goodness we arrived early and looked normal!

We were at the concert he did a few years ago and he told the crowd that he wanted to give us $5000. The crazy man let "Jamie Money" rain down from the sky! One fell directly in my hands that I still have. I'll have to scan it and put it on my blog.

If Jamie Foxx comes to your city: GO!

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