Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Is Done

The SMS text message from CNN to my iPhone has resolved the Steve McNair murder: murder/suicide. Though I already felt this would be the classification, I still have too many unanswered questions of "Why". I may never know the answers. And at this point, it doesn't matter, it can't bring him back. I'm only wishing that I will awaken from a nightmare and find that working summer school had me really exhausted and it was only a crazy Midsummer's Night Dream.

I had so much nervous energy that I had to make a video tribute to Steve. I was so tired of all the negative press about his personal life, I wanted to remember and share the good memories about Steve. He was a nice man who loved football and did a hell of a job entertaining those of us who watched. All the residents of glass houses with their pockets full of pebbles, should take this tragedy as a reason to examine their own lives and mortality.

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TheSistahChick said...

I hate that this whole thing had to happen. Nobody deserves to die like that. I am sorry that you lost your friend. I agree with you, maybe this will be a wake up call for people. Thanks for following and I love your Blog :-)


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