Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute

I don't know about you all but I cannot stop watching the Michael Jackson Memorial Tribute! It was absolutely beautiful! I can't help but to think that Michael would have enjoyed it. Why does a part of me want to think that he is not gone--that he wanted to escape celebrity and live as a normal person with a new look.

While this fantasy may ease my spirit for the moment, I do believe that MJ has truly left the building. I don't think the whole state of California would enable Michael to fake his death. If you guys are avid viewers of the 70s tv show, "Good Times", you vividly remember when "Fishbone" faked his death and was sitting in the audience with the mourners. I did kinda look twice at Latoya in that big a$$ hat. . . just kidding.

All of the speakers and entertainers were marvelous. Usher Raymond got to me the most. If I didn't know it, I know it now: that boy can "sang"! And don't tell me that John Mayer didn't jazz it up for MJ! I was the only person in the room who knew who he was before they put the graphic on the screen. I try to be diverse in my music! Cool points for me. I have no idea who that lady was who sang led for We Are The World and Heal The World, but she had the little hairs on the back of my neck standing up! Wow!

I was at work. Summer school is a J-O-K-E! How can a kid fail 10 months worth of work and pass in 5 weeks?! I will never work this sh!t again. The PE coach wanted to watch the memorial so he asked to bring the kids in the library. Damn. Flashback to the Inauguration. Sharing it with people I did not want to be with. What pissed me off about the kids this time was that they were not paying attention and were making noise. I told him that he had to get them out of there. I did not want to remember being with their asses 50 years from now. The next group was better. Who ever heard of PE in summer school?

Anyhoo, I was inspired by the speeches and talks of Michael's creativity. I felt a fire brewing in my own belly to get creative. Michael may be gone but he has left us a true legacy. Time to get shaking! I did stop by Michael's Craft Store for some supplies. I also started and completed a Steve McNair video. I felt like I had to do something to clear some of the negative press that was everywhere.

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Poochie's Closet said...

LOL @looking twice at Latoya. The memorial was very well done and Usher is a class act, right? I missed the part where Paris makes her comment. I'm still not ready to see it.

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