Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning Wake Up Call

Why oh why must some shiggity always be going on every vacation Monday?! Guess who called bright and early at 8:59? A car salesman informing me that I've been pre-approved for a loan. No shit?! I already knew that because I made the application myself online, not them. Now why is it he could not figure this out on Saturday afternoon? If they are complaining about not being able to speak to a human being on the weekend, they should stop selling cars on the weekend.
I asked the caller for the terms and interest rate and he said he did not know. What the "f" are you calling me for then?

Getting armoured for some bullshit, I called the lending institution to find out the interest rate and after speaking to someone I declare was in another country, I got a headache. He finally told me that the dealer has the interest rate information. Ain't that some shiggity. They are playing pass the BS. I am getting dressed and going to pick up my dirty Dodge Charger and bounce to my errands for the day. Let them stew! I am in no mood for bullshit sales tactics this early in the week!

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Antrice said...

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