Monday, December 29, 2008

Moviegoer Shot

Thanks to "The Secret" and "Morning Coach", I watch very little news but I do stay informed. As I scrolled today's news stories online, I was drawn into the headlines about a "Moviegoer Shot In The Movie Theater For Being Too Noisy". I automatically drew conclusions and knew what happened. My thoughts were confirmed. The man was shot for being too noisy. I understand. After you have paid your hard-earned money to enjoy a movie on the big screen, you expect people to shut up and watch the movie. Instead, they talk to each other, open their phones constantly to check for missed calls and even the nerve answer their cell phones and hold conversations! The thing that gets me the most are the people who keep the blue tooth on and flashing throughout the movie. That irritates me. I never managed to miss sitting behind a neon blue blinking light that distracts me from enjoying and concentrating on the movie. If not that, there is always a coughing hacker sitting in my area. I can just feel the germs landing on my neck. Yuck. If you are a hacker, please take a cough suppressant before going to the movie or getting on a plane!

I don't want to shoot or get shot in the movies so I wait for the DVD and watch at home!

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