Sunday, December 14, 2008

Better Late Than Never

It is December 14 and I'm just putting up the Christmas tree! I was not quite "bah humbug" but just not so merry. Been very busy and kinda unfocused. But today, I was in the middle of a sewing project and decided to drag the tree from the storage room.

I had forgotten how many new decorations I scored at the end of last Christmas season! It was like Christmas opening the boxes to reveal my treasures. I don't think I have a big enough tree to put all the glass ornaments I bought at deep discounts! Maybe this year, I'll buy another tree!

One thing I learned today, when putting up an artificial tree, wear clothes! I mean I wasn't nude but my arms were out and got all scratched up! Could that be the sign of my needing to buy a live tree? I want that fresh, pine Christmas scent. I guess for now it'll have to come from Pine-Sol and the scented pine cones I bought. As soon as I clean the mess, I'll take and post pictures.

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The Black Planeteer said...

Heeey, how'd you get the President-Elect to come check out your tree? LOL!

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