Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm a Victim of TOO

When I wake up in the mornings and on the morning commute, I listen to The Tom Joyner Morning Show. Thursday morning, Tom was talking about the Guyana Tragedy that took place 30 years ago. I remember it and remember watching the made for TV movie. Even as a child, I wondered why those people could not see what I could plainly see about Jim Jones and I was only watching him on TV. I have razor sharp wit and a tongue that will slice you shreds if you want to battle verbally. And my people radar can sum you up in a brief scan. Nobody could ever pull anything over on me. . .

How does one become a victim? I could have never imagined paying for things that should be free: water, air, dirt. I have bought countless cases of bottled water when I have a perfectly good free flowing facet; if my tire is low, I have no problem pulling up to the gas station and paying 50 cents for a squirt of air. I won't even mention the tiny parcel my house sits on. . . I remember riding in somebody's Cutlass back in the day and can still recall the sticker: "Ass, Gas or Grass, Nobody Rides Free"! Ha!

But back to the Guyana Tragedy. Until I read the new book one of the surviving followers has written, I can only imagine how someone can gain control over thousands of people's minds and free will. There has to be a high level of trust and an unhealthy need for acceptance involved. I have never been able to blindly trust anyone. I am soooo not a morning person but I gotta listen to Tom Joyner every morning or my day is not right. Oprah cannot list enough books or favorite things for me to buy and Obama has me scouring the earth for November 5 newspapers, t-shirts, ringtones, bumper stickers and yard signs and the election is over!

Oh my, could I be a victim TOO: Tom Oprah Obama!

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