Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Make A List & Check It Twice. . .for Thanksgiving???

I managed to leave work early for a Wednesday, faculty meeting day, because the things they were going over had absolutely nothing to do with me. I bounced! I decided to stop in the grocery store to pick up something quick to eat for the night. Once inside, I realized that Thanksgiving Eve is exactly one week away! I'd better get my ingredients while I was in the store and it was not crowded.

What will I cook? I am not planning to go home so it will be just my husband and me. Hmmm. . . Turkey or Chicken? Turkey. Patti Labelle's Cookbook is my Thanksgiving Bible every year so I have to fix her potato salad and her "Over The Rainbow Macaroni and Cheese". What are the ingredients I thought to myself. Then I remembered that I had just upgraded my cell phone to the iPhone and was saved! I ended up getting just about everything I needed and felt pretty good. Why is it as soon as I was in the car and was driving away from the store that I remembered that I would need chicken stock and cream of mushroom soup for my giblet gravy?! I did remember to get the onions (red & white), bell peppers, celery and all that for the meal and for the Turkey Salad afterwards. But why did I forget the Hellman's Mayonnaise and the mustard?

I should be able to zip back into the store in the next couple days to pick up the left behind items!

My advice to everyone: Make a list and check it twice, yes, for Thanksgiving!


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