Sunday, November 9, 2008

Request for President Barack Obama

Now that Barack Obama has been elected, it's time to face the issues: how to resurrect the ailing economy, unemployment, homelessness due to foreclosures, disgusted educators who are sick of the No Child Left Behind Act, stem cell research, global warming, foreign policy and much more. I thought that I had better put my concerns out front right here and now. Besides, I am sure this issue affects his very own hometown, Chicago. Why are there 10 wieners in a pack and only 8 hot dog buns? There needs to be some kind of hearing and a standard needs to be set. Chicagoland is famous for their hot dogs and I know hot dog pushers agree with me. What do I prefer: Given the state of the economy, I could go with decreasing the number of hot dogs from 10 to 8. What do you think? I'll add a poll over to the left to get your answers.

Also, Mr. President, you might also want to replace the Bears' QB, Rex Grossman, with my favorite, Steve McNair.

Happy Hot Dogging!

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Sonya said...

Now you know u ain't got a bit of sense right? lol

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