Thursday, August 11, 2011

Picking Up The Glasses

School is kicking my butt! I have not adjusted to waking up early and I am not a morning person! My husband works from home and has the best life. I deal with traffic and other folks' kids all day. Oh well. . .

I took a nap right after work Monday and woke up at 6:32 PM panicking, thinking I'd overslept for work the next day because I thought it was the next morning! Duh. . . it was later the same day. I was exhausted and glad I still had the full night's rest ahead of me.

I have not picked up my prescription eyeglasses yet and decided to stop by Walmart to pick them since I had not been called. The 3 employees were all searching for my glasses. I looked around and thought, "Dang, they are having a sale AFTER I've purchased my frames. $100 off! They'd even changed the decor. Meanwhile, they continued to look for my order by my name, address, phone number and birthday. I did not have my receipt and was slightly fearful that someone had taken my money and at the moment, had no proof.

One of them asked if I had gone to another Walmart location and I assured them I had not because I passionately disliked the other location and would not shop there. I insisted that I'd come back another day with my receipt but they insisted to keep looking. After about 5 more minutes, the lady of the group asked if I had gone to Target's Eyeglass store. . . Ding ding ding! I remembered that I had NOT filled my prescription in Walmart at all but TARGET! Melt into the ground with laughter and embarrassment. But we all had a good laugh and I reminded them I WAS in need of some glasses! I'm sure this will go down as one of their funny moments and mine too. Thank goodness I am not one of those irate people who CLOWN in public. It would have been a total meltdown! LOL.

After watching sdestiny12's pet peeve video, I remembered that I had one more.

People who upload videos with their smoke detector chirping in the background. Ugh! They upload another video, days later, and the smoke detector is still chirping away! Very annoying and not to mention unsafe not having a working smoke detector.

Smoke detector batteries should be changed at least during the "Fall Back" and "Spring Forward" time changes. Fire departments make PSAs about this too. Be safe people. Change your smoke detector batteries.

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