Friday, August 12, 2011

Operation Sit Down!

I am joining my girl whoissugar in Operation Sit It Down!

I need to stop eating all this awful take out! I will watch TV while hungry and end up becoming a consumer of terrible food. The food is NEVER like it appears on the commercial and the workers' attitudes SUCK! I have eaten my last beige tomato. I don't know why because tomatoes are in season right now! I would have been better off eating a sea sponge. And it had mayo when I specifically said NO MAYO! Sitting it down!

Nail Polish
I don't need another bottle of nail polish! I own every color of the rainbow and can shatter and crackle with the best of y'all. I don't care what goes on sale: Sitting it down!

I first got the Kindle and got an iPad from Doteasy. I have the Kindle app for my iPad but I still purchase hard copies of books, especially anything by Terry McMillan. I cannot risk my battery going down in the middle of reading a book. Who ever thought the day would come when reading was battery dependent?!! I do NOT weed my collection. I can't do it.

Fabric is MY addiction. I shopping at Hancock Fabrics. Walking into that store is like paradise. I don't need anything because I have more than enough fabric, novelties, buttons and baubles! I just need to get busy. Now that my favorite show, Project Runway, is back on, I need to get busy! Sitting it down!<
Last year, I was trying to create an End of The Year video for work but my old computer was not burning the DVD. After 2 days of letting it render, I gave up and broke down and purchased a new HP All in One computer. This was before I discovered my new love, Apple Mac! A year later the thing has become a 90 pound paper weight! I have rebooted this joker repeatedly and cannot get it to log on. Look out below. . . Sitting it down!

I've been on summer vacation and I declare I don't know where the time has gone I don't feel like I've accomplished all that I wanted but the time has come. I have to stop staying up late on YouTube and Twitter and Facebook! Sitting it down!

I joined the 30 Day Video Challenge July 1. The challenge was to upload more videos and to re-introduce yourself to new and veteran subscribers. It all started with that Creeper at my window at Walmart. I uploaded about 15 -16 videos and I still have some to edit and upload. The challenge was really good. I finally found a way to create and upload many of the videos I'd been meaning to get done. But it WORE ME OUT! Sitting it down!

I hope you will join us and SIT IT DOWN!!!

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