Friday, August 12, 2011

It's My Birthday | Sponsorship & YouTube

I started back to work ON my birthday. I have NEVER worked on my birthday. I know I won't get any sympathy from anyone who has ever worked on their birthday but this was new to me! I have never been awake on my birthday before noon and to have to have my summer vacation come to a screeching, grinding halt on my birthday. . . BUMMER!

I did get some nice gifts though. A fellow YouTuber and friend sent me a pre-birthday pin I Love My Hair! I love it!

A co-worker gave me a TJ Maxx/Marshall's gift card. Another YouTuber and friend sent me a Sally's gift card.

I am still on whoissugar's Operation Sit Down challenge but since I received gift cards, I should be ok. I just have to remain focused and not go over the allotted amount. I've been known to spend twice the value of the gift card!

My mom is amazing. She and I were in Target this summer and I wanted to buy some elf products. I picked some up but put them back. Who knew that she was paying attention?! She sent me a variety of elf products and brushes. I am really looking forward to using a set of brushes! I generally either use my fingers or the same brush for everything.

Who says that men don't listen? I was totally shocked to get a new pair of Christian Louboutins. I love the red patent leather. The heels are 100mm (4 inches).

20PearlsnCurls gave us a link to KeraCare to request samples of their new lines geared towards natural hair. I received my samples but I'm yet to review them. That review is coming up soon.

I love watching Clean House, especially episodes featuring Niecey Nash. One of her favorite quotes is "When a hand is open to give, it's open to receive." What that means to me is that when you open yourself to share/give to others, you will also be on the receiving end of gifts yourself. I received a Genius Kids Tablet to review. (Yay. This is my first big ticket item.) I am going to feature this on my Back To School episode of Technology Tips.

My promise and focus:
I will not accept items to review that I don't believe in. If I wouldn't use it myself, I will not post a YouTube video to promote it. I've always used Oprah as my benchmark. She only gave away books, favorite things, etc. that she loved. Same for me. If I don't feel that it's good, I will not recommend it. Integrity means the world to me and I will keep mine in tact.

Sponsorship and being sent items to review is possible. Companies have changed the way they market their products and often utilize YouTubers to help get the word out. I don't think this opportunity is available for all channels. I think a channel must have credibility and being a YouTube Partner gives that leverage. Companies want to ensure that you have a substantial subscriber base who are consumers. Bottom line: Dollars & Cents.

I will be posting a video soon about my thoughts on sponsorship.

Stay Tuned!

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