Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why I Love Doteasy!

Doteasy is the only web hosting services I've ever used. I learned of the company back in 2002 when I was "selected" to design my school's web page. I knew nothing about web design. The workshop presenter mentioned a company that offers free website hosting. That night, I purchased my first, of many to come, domain name. It was simple to upload a site in a short period of time. Even as a novice, I used their templates to get started. When I learned to use Adobe Dreamweaver and wanted to add my own styling, Doteasy allowed room for creativity and flexibility.

Sure, it offers cost-free & banner-free services but doteasy can grow with you as you build your site and your traffic grows to the point of needed a premium package. Why not join and stick with a company who offers great products and customer service? I've never used another service and don't plan on going anywhere but up!

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