Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Doteasy Domain Registration

I have registered and recommended several domain registrations via doteasy. It has always been a breeze and as long as my desired domain is available, I'm registered in minutes. It only takes a couple of days to make the domain ready to use. And when you are like me, always thinking about the infinite possibilities of the internet, doteasy makes it possible.

Today, it's all about branding. You know, being associated by your niche! As I have reflected over the last few days, I've realized that dotasy has been the driving force behind my concepts. If it were not for my being exposed to doteasy in 2002 to set up the school's website, I would have just logged on to the district's server and updated the site. Plain and simple. But because the Dreamweaver presenter was knowledgeable, he shared with us a web hosting company that offered free web hosting. I had a light bulb moment that has been burning bright ever since. I signed up that evening for my first account,

Here's my process:

I will come up with an idea or concept for a new niche, usually at about 2 AM. Before I check the popular websites like Youtube, I check with doteasy's domain registration feature first because after all, you want all the branding options open! Once the domain has been registered, it's all systems go. Everything else falls into place.

I Love doteasy's domain registration because it is just that: easy!

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