Thursday, November 6, 2008


In today's times, "S" and "O" together stands for Significant Other. But recently, the alphas took on a different meaning. As the weather is changing to fall, I had to get my sweaters out. I wore a new sweater and some khakis. The sweater was long and covered by butt. Working in a middle school, I know not to dress revealingly because I work with perverted teenage boys and men. Case in point, around midday, a male teacher mentioned that my waist was very tiny. I asked him why was he looking. At the end of the day, he told me that I should not wear that sweater again because it was too revealing. I was totally covered up, no boobies hanging out or skin showing. I told him that I was a grown a$$ woman and I could wear what I wanted and that he should keep his eyes and comments to himself. He said that to be so small and petite, I was shapely ! I asked him since I am shapely, like an "S", if I were an "O" would he have felt compelled to say anything to me about my sweater at all?! I doubt it. Why do some people not know when to shut the *bleep* up?!

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