Thursday, November 6, 2008

My no-good-terrible-bad-rotten day

(events occurred October 28, 2008)

A friend and personal stylista recently told me that I am a caged bird in the workplace. She's right. I almost quit my job today. It started with my being late for work due to an accident on the 2 lane road that I take to work. Normally, it is the best way to get there because I avoid a lot of traffic. But now there is road construction going on to widen to the road and the accident was smack dab in the middle of the work zone. The accident was not in my southbound lane but the traffic jammed there anyway because the cops had to systematically let the cars in the accident lane get by. Fortunately, my lane was never stopped, just crawled. I called the office to let them know that I was going to be late. I only ended up being 15 minutes but still late. I hate being late. Lately, I've been late or just skipping work all together. Is that a sure sign that it's time to go?

Being the librarian should be a fun and relaxed job but it's not. I don't know whose bright idea it was to give the whole school a hands-on project but it sucks! The projects have to be done at school. What the hell are the parents supposed to do? The burden of education is already heavily on the teacher and now, projects! No matter how many times I've tried to teach the students to "copy and paste" in order to print only the content they need but they always manage to just click file and print and waste a ton of paper and toner. I get so pissed and tired of repeating the same shit. They herd the students in the library like cattle and that's how they act. There is not enough time in the day to hustle 6 classes through a library on daily basis. How do 30 kids use 10 computers for research in 45 minutes? I am not the math teacher but it ain't gonna work! I have tried to inform the powers that be that the library should be used for small groups. It would be a more meaningful learning experience than the roundup that occurs. But I no longer make suggestions. I don't know how they expect me shelve all the fucking books they want circulated and juggle the other jobs. Don't even mention the constant flow of interruptions of technical questions that I get. I give up. Oh, I do my job but I don't let them stress me out.

As my no-good-terrible-bad day continued, I learned of my BFF's father's death. He'd been ill but you can never prepare for the actual occurrence. The funeral will probably be Saturday. I'll be able to get home and attend with him. Oh, my BFF is a man. I had a strong vibe that something would happen. I am not completely superstitious but . . .

Whenever I see an owl, somebody close to me dies. It does not even have to be a live one. Being a librarian, I come in contact with plenty of book covers. Last week when I encountered one with an owl on it, I shivered. My family knows all about this premonition with owls and they believe me - now. I try to tell them about this so that perhaps nothing will happen. But most of the time, a death occurs. I've mentioned in my All About Me blog that I wear my hair natural. The afro puff is my style of choice because it is super easy. Can you believe a woman thought that I was wearing a weave afro puff?! Good grief woman! I wanted to take it down and show her but I moved on.

The best thing about today is that I found my spare set of car keys that have been missing for a long time and apparently since April! I have torn my house apart looking for those keys. I have searched every coat pocket, pocket book, lunch bag and box that I could find. Nothing. I knew that they were somewhere truly lost and in a place I would not be looking. In the midst of my preparing for my exodus, I found them: in the school-issued laptop bag that I NEVER carry. I have brushed up against this bag for the last 6 months without knowing that my keys were in there. Hmmm. . . my keys were lost for my entire summer vacation! I could pin point the loss back to April because when I opened the bag, the first thing I saw was the 40th Anniversary DVD on the Death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I picked the DVD out the bag and then my eyes landed on some keys. For a moment, I paused and knew that surely these were not going to be my keys. But they were! As I thought back, I remember rushing one morning to get the DVD to play in the video feed at work and ran into all kinds of problems. I was probably running late and just threw my keys in the bag. I am happy that I have found them because I've been paranoid about getting locked out the car or losing my primary set. You don't want to know how much Dodge would charge to get a key made.These days if you have a key with a transponder in it, it's expensive! You can't just take new keys to Walmart and have one cut. It will turn but not crank the car. I got out of that building today as soon as I could. Not knowing whether I would go back tomorrow. I wonder if Oprah needs a new BFF?

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