Sunday, November 30, 2008

Check For Feet Please!

Thanksgiving was great. Got some time off from work and caught up on some rest! I did cook. Kept it pretty simple: Turkey and Dressing with giblet gravy, potato salad, green beans, sweet potato pie and hummingbird cake. I'll post some pix soon.

Decided to go visit my Grandmother on Friday since I spent Thanksgiving at my house. On the way down for the 3 hour trip, I had an interesting experience.

I always stop at a certain gas station for fillups and restroom breaks: the Pilot Truck Stop in Winona. Can you believe that a woman walked into the stall on me! OMG!

Is it just me or do we all check for feet before entering a CLOSED bathroom stall in a public restroom? Not my fault that the lock was broken. Kinda hard to balance in there and hold the door too! I think she was more embarrased than I. To make matters worse, there was no one else in the whole darn 5 stall joint but us! Why did she pick my stall to break into? Back at the wash basin, she apologized profusely. I told her that she had exposed my greatest fear in life: public nudity!

If you don't already, please check for feet in the bathroom stalls! LOL!

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poochie247 said...

PUBLIC NUDITY!!!! LOL!!! I'm sorry but that's funny as hell.

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