Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chasing Papers

I love Adele's album, 19, and the song Chasing Pavements! This is what I was doing this week trying to find headlines of Barack Obama's historic win of the U.S. Presidency! Everywhere I went, "Sold Out"! And you know how much I hate running around looking for stuff. I retreated. As I left my last spot, I thought about a place that I could find a copy of the paper. My Republican friend subscribes to the paper and was not a happy camper November 5. I flipped out my phone and called her. I asked her if she had gotten Wednesday's paper and she said yes. My heart leaped. I asked her what she was planning to do with it. After all, it was a historic day. She replied nothing and she was going to add it to the rest of the newspapers that she uses in her garden. @$%! what?! She brought me the paper to work Thursday and I left it in my school mailbox. I was glad that no one had taken it. I was thankful for the paper but like Huggy Lowdown says, "I'm gonna put that Bama on my list!"

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Natasha said...

I did a little dance in the room I rent here, but it's small so I couldn't quite turn around.

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