Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Starting To Happen!

I am forgetting stuff! Oh no! Work started this past Monday and I am not ready. Having worked summer school, I do not feel rested at all! I am wound up. When I signed up, they did not tell us until the first meeting that it would be an ALL DAY schedule. 8-3:30! Oh brother! The same traffic and stress during the summer as a regular work day. The bright spot was having really great administrators who were nice.

I was rushing Tuesday morning and stopped to put my shoes on. I knew that I had my phone in my hand. I got up and went into the kitchen. I could not find my phone. My counter tops are black as is my phone. I did not see it. I remember putting my Green Machine drink back into the fridge. I had put my bag in the truck already and had my husband call my cell. I could not find it. I could call him from the hands free device and figured it was lost in my bag. As we conversed as I rushed away to make it to work on time, the call dropped! The phone was NOT in the truck. I hoped I had not put it in the fridge!

I always carry my phone but figured I could make a day without my phone. Wrong. I felt lost all day long. The Internet was down at work so I did not have access to the web! Oh brother! The good thing was that we missed another long drawn out presentation! When will they learn that teachers are just as bad as the students when it comes to being lectured. Who wants to sit and watch a talking head for hours!

At the end of the day, I rushed home and finally found my phone: the couch ate it! I guess when I parked my bus to put on my shoes, the cushions went up and swallowed my phone. Explaining why we could not the hear the dang thing vibrating. Having to put the phone on vibrate during staff meetings is a drag. It was being silenced by the cushions! I was so happy to be normal cell phone user again! I will chalk this up to being in a hurry and not old age!


natalee said...

Oh.. Summer school..yuck you poor thing.. I did that last year.. I swore to my husband that I would rather eat ramen noodles every night then do that again.. get some rest girl.. love your blog!!!

The Creative Lady said...

Thanks Natalee! Great to know that someone else understands my pain! LOL! Your blog is great too!
Until later. . .

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