Monday, December 1, 2008

TV Overload

Over the holiday, my husband and I watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving". I love all Charlie Brown specials except the one about the Mayflower or Pilgrims or whatever it was. There is always phone calls between my aunt Laura and us when a Charlie Brown special is on. Who needs TiVo when you have Laura? Anyhoo, we were watching the show and really tripped out with ole Chuck serving his friends a Thanksgiving Dinner consisting of toast, popcorn and candy! Peppermint Patty complained and they end up going to somebody's Grandma's house. I suppose Snoopy and Woodstock could not go so they had their own dinner: a roasted turkey and all the trimmings. When Snoopy unveils the beautiful bird, Woodstock jumps for joy. Why would a bird rejoice at eating a fellow fowl?

TV One ran a Good Times marathon. You know I love Good Times! We have come to the conclusion that "James" was probably having a secret affair with "Willona"! Why else would they hate each so much? Ever notice how she always just walked into the Evans' apartment without knocking? Why would she wear all those sexy clothes around Florida's husband? When you watch the episodes, you'll see it too! LOL

1 comment:

poochie247 said...

Now there you go starting junk. You know James never "hit" Willameena.

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