Sunday, November 2, 2008

Today, I just lounged around and did not do anything creative except watch Sewing With Nancy and Quilting Arts on PBS. I did manage to peep at the NFL game on Fox. The Titans were playing the Green Bay Packers. It was difficult to decide who to cheer for.

(Steve & Me in 1994 @ Alcorn's Sports Illustrated Autograph Session)

My 2 favorite quarterbacks have been Steve McNair and Brett Favre. I'm originally from Mississippi and I am an Alumnus of both Alcorn State University and The University of Southern Mississippi, as are Steve and Brett respectively. Living in Tennessee, it is probably unpatriotic not cheer for the home team. But ever since Steve McNair left the Titans and retired from the Baltimore Ravens, I've been looking for a team. Brett has moved to the New York Jets but I don't have satellite and don't always get to see him play. I am in that segment of the population who can see only 3-4 games per Sunday with cable, and my market always broadcasts games of the Tennessee Titans games and the Dallas Cowboys. I know that I will offend some people but I just do not like the Dallas Cowboys! Maybe it's their cult-like followers who talk much trash on a regular basis.

I know that I could cheer for the Manning boys and I do on most occasions. It just depends on who they're playing. If they are playing the Titans, gotta roll with the Titans. If they're playing the Jets, gotta roll with the Jets.

Anyhoo, I did get to see another Alcorn Alum, Donald Driver, have a great game but the Tennessee Titans kept their winning streak alive. Go Titans!

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