Thursday, October 30, 2008

New To Blogging

I was having the most trouble trying to figure out why I had 2 Blogger accounts and could only manage one of them! Blogging is a totally new experience for me that seems fun and promising but working out the kinks is keeping me up at night. Literally.

Since taking blogging seriously, I have not gone to bed before 3 am all week! Seriously. And I do have a full time day job that starts at 8:15 am. But I have been on a self inflicted, crash course in Blogging. I have never liked to be defeated by anything, especially technology.

My motto has always been one of my favorite Tracy Chapman lyrics that announce that: "ain't no man or woman nor beast alive that can beat me, cuz I was born to fight".

Perhaps I'm partially to blame that Blogging has been so "difficult" because I am the type who takes the plunge without having ALL the details. Hey, I'm a Technology Coordinator so how difficult could Blogging be right? Besides, Blogger promises to have your blog up and running in under 2 minutes and it does. However, it is up to the Blogger to remember her Blog Names and which email address she first registered with way back when.

Losing sleep the past few nights have had some rewards. I have learned how to follow my favorite blogs, add RSS feeds and some other widgets to my own page, so I was pretty proud of myself. But I don't know a thing about adding or editing HTML! I guess there's always the weekend to figure that out. I have found great advice from the Blogger help documents. But again, I do things backwards sometimes.

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